Thursday, December 22, 2011

EscalatorYule: Stave 4 - It Dickens Me To Say It...

"I will honour Christmas in my heart - and try to keep it all the year."

So said Ebeneezer Scrooge, in his posh and Britishly-spelled way. I like to think that I do as well, some years with more "honour" than others - most folks I know are the same way. I, however, also honor Christmas all the year on my clothing.

It gets hot in Florida - a man needs t-shirts. So what if one of mine has a bright carnivorous Santa Claus face chomping on a rack of ribs (And I'm wearing it in July)? If that image offends, I could change into my t-shirt with the picture of a sheep in a yuletide bow, exclaiming "Fleece Navidad!"

Christmas Neckties? Got 'em. Santa Hats? At least 3. Holiday Themed Shoes? Candy Cane Red Velvet-Striped Converse All-Stars Circa 2005.

You'll notice - no socks. I don't need any Christmassy socks with holiday greetings and pictures of presents on 'em. Although I do enjoy socks as a fashion accessory, mainly they are there just to keep my shoes from being too offended by my feet.

Christmas morning, I will be wearing socks (as well as my robe, a pair of flannel holiday boxer shorts, and most likely, one of the aforementioned Santa Hats) as I pop one of my favorite holiday movies into the player.

Most likely, it will be 'It's A Wonderful Life'. I love that movie. It's one of the only films that consistently makes me tear up in certain scenes. It's probably my favorite film of all time: despite the fact that - as one of the world's most famous "Christmas" movies - it's not really about the holiday itself - that's just when the film takes place. The storyline could just have easily been set, with few script changes, in the heat of Summer or in the week after Easter. The point of the film is given point blank, however - "Remember, no man is a failure who has friends"

These Holiday Seasons give us all a reason to find and spend more time with those friends that we love, time is allowed to stop for a while, to let us all re-group - and remind each other that we do, each and every one of us, truly have a wonderful life of our own.

As I said, it's hot in Florida - for all but a few days a year. Thus, we hardly ever get any snow. Yet, around the neighborhood. I've seen a few "snowpeople" mixed in with the holiday decorations. All with the same iconic face. If yer kids ever wonder how those came to be - maybe tell 'em this story:

Noel, The Snowman's Santa Claus (Copyright Fruitless Lust Songs 2005/Escalatorville Tunes 2011)

'Twas getting late on Christmas Eve, when we heard from the great North Pole-
"All the kids were Nice," said St. Nicholas - "Now, I've got too much coal."

"The Elves had worked so very hard, so I've sent 'em on vacation.
There's no need to stoke a fireplace, at their Tropic celebration."

"Now, Wait one minute, old Saint Nick," squeaked a voice with Yuletide style
"I've got pals the whole world through, this could bring them quite a smile!"

He's Noel, the Snowman's Santa Claus - with a very special job to do.
He keeps the Snowfolk smiling bright, so they'll enjoy the holiday too.

Now, every Christmas Eve - Noel drifts across the Milky Way
Giving Snowfolk brighter eyes and grins, to show to you on Christmas Day!

St. Nick's barn is stocked up on carrots for Rudolph to eat,
but the nose that glows knows that Snows need noses, to make a happy face complete.

So, if you check each Wintertime, on each Snowy face you'll find-
The happy miles found in the smiles that Noel left behind.

He's Noel, the Snowman's Santa Claus - with a very special job to do.
He keeps the Snowfolk smiling bright, so they'll enjoy the holiday too.


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